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Services for the modern pharmacists!

Services for Pharmacists

Are you a pharmacist? Looking to get better services from your pharmaceutical distributor? Pharmacists today are considered an important part of the health care system. You are supposed to provide many services to the patients. Now, more and more is expected of you, and it is not just about compounding or dispensing medicine required by the patients. Now, a professional pharmacist is supposed to partner up with the health care physicians to ensure efficient and effective provision of medicine and drugs to the patients. In many cases, you are also supposed to provide prescription to the patients! With so much now expected of you, there are some services you are entitled to receive as well.

With additional service provision expected of you, distribution companies and services providers are also increasing the services you receive. In addition to the general drugs distribution to pharmacies, now more distributors are also providing training and education to pharmacists so, you have a better understanding of drugs and are able to fulfill your responsibilities in the BEST way possible!

Since you can expect more services from your distributor, it is also important to choose distributors who are the BEST and the most professional!

We Are the Best Service Provider!

Well, there is not much competition in the field! There are very few distribution companies and service providers who are aware of the new dynamics of the health care arena. This is the reason there are very few companies that are even providing additional services to pharmacies. This practically makes it a no brainer decision for you to choose us!
There are a number of services we provide. Some are traditional, while others are innovative and modern. No matter the kind of service, you can be assured that our services are world class and no one can match our services!

The traditional services include purchasing and managing inventory of your pharmacy. In light of the modern dynamics of your profession, this service is pretty much traditional. However, it is one of the most important services. You are supposed to make sure that you have got all the medicine in your pharmacy and no patient has to wait for it! We make sure this for you by managing your inventory. We make sure that your inventory is connected to us so we can keep track the position of your inventory. As soon as you face shortage of any medicine, we make sure that you have it in abundance! For the purpose of connectivity we ensure that the two systems always remain in sync.

In addition to the traditional service of distribution, we know that you have got other responsibilities as well! We want to make sure that you are in the BEST position to discharge these responsibilities. We provide extensive training services to you to get a better understanding of medicines by regularly teaming you up with pharmaceutical company’s production department. We also make sure that you get the latest professional education and training so you always remain at the CUTTING EDGE of your field! In this way you would be able to better help patients in effective and efficient intake of drugs.

We are sure that knowing all this you would choose us as your partner! We assure you that you will reap huge benefits of this partnership!


The clients we serve know our worth! Read their testimonials below.

We have been looking for a service provider like ‘The Tangent Performance’ for a while now. They are one of a kind in their industry. We recommend them to all  pharmacies, because their services are world class and unmatched.
By By Franco S. Frey
Frey Medicos

The best thing about the company is that they have an excellent and responsive customer support staff. These guys pay attention to details and make sure that the customer never leaves unhappy. Most companies do not leave you with such a feeling, but this one sure does.
By Robert Q. Winston
Medic Help Group of Pharmacies

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We make sure that you get the latest professional education and training so you always remain sharp in your field!


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